It's sweeter when you pick together.

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Blueberry U-Pick FAQs

When is Blueberry Season?

U-Pick Season for blueberries usually starts at the beginning of April depending on the weather​. 

How Do I "Pick"?

We supply small  buckets with plastic bags inside for each guest for picking. Each bucket can hold around 5 to 6 pounds of blueberries. You can pick as much or as little as you want and when you are finished you return the bucket and your blueberries will be weighed. Just pay by the pound for what you picked! You can then transport your berries home in the plastic bags we supply.

Are your blueberries organic?

Although we are not certified as an organic farm and can not claim that we are organic, we do not spray any pesticides on your blueberries and they have all been naturally grown.


  • Wear the right clothes! Check the weather and make sure you are dressed appropriately as the Florida sun can get hot very quickly.

  • Bring sun block and hats to wear while picking.

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated......(don't worry we have restroom facilities on site!)

  • Call ahead or check Facebook for the most up to date hours of operation (they can change from day to day depending on the weather).

  • We are a family that loves dogs, cats, and animals of all kinds but due to USDA regulations we are not allowed to have them at the farm during the season. 

  • If you would like to have a small picnic at our farm please feel free to do so. We have a few picnic tables and chairs available to our guests

  • Most Important is to have fun with your family and friends.....remember...."It's Sweeter When You Pick Together"

We are now closed for the 2022 Blueberry U-Pick.